Introducing DoseRD – the only tube feed calculator you’ll ever need

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DoseRD is the first app of its kind that guides you through the process of determining the optimal tube feed rate for an individual patient. Input their information, select a caloric equation, select your desired formula and get the rate along with the optimal amount of supplemental protein. Dosing enteral feeds has never been easier.

New Blog Post: Are you ready for volume-based, high-protein enteral nutrition in the ICU?

Rate-based enteral nutrition delivery has long been the standard in most ICUs, especially with the use of enteral feed pumps that allow for a constant rate to be set and forgot about amongst all the other activity in the ICU. What often happens, however, is enteral feeds are held for procedures, gastric intolerance, or medication administration. Once the tube feeds are restarted, they’re simply started at the same rate as before, without thought to how many calories the patient has missed.  Read More