DoseRD is the first app to turn your smartphone into a dosing calculator for al2015-07-16 11.31.59l enteral feeds, letting you calculate a rate in under a minute. Simply enter in a patient’s height, weight, a few other measurements and the protein goal. Select which caloric goal is most appropriate for your patient and it will calculate the hourly rate that most closely matches your patient’s needs.


Features include:

  • Supports recommended and common caloric equations, including ACCP, Harris Benedict, Ireton Jones, Mifflin-St. Jeor, Penn State, and Modified Penn State.
  • Accounts for calories provided by propofol.2015-07-16 11.34.10
  • Freehand calculator allows the user to compare different rates and formulations to see what works best.
  • Choose from 42 formulations and customize to match your institution’s formulary.
  • Displays macronutrients, including: calories, protein, total volume, fat, carbohydrates, water and whether it will meet the patient’s recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals (based on USADA requirements).


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